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We were in fashion school together and it didn’t take us long to become friends. We have always been on the same wavelength on almost everything. So collaborating for our label seemed like a natural thing to do.

Worst Fashion Faux Pas…

Not dressing up for your size and body type. 

The Saira Shakira woman…

The Saira*Shakira woman is definitely strong and confident, isn't afraid to break stereotypes.

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Fashion is limitless. Just like the diversity in so many cultures around the world. Both of us being huge fans of travel it's so exciting to bring a little bit of the world back home and onto your designs.

International collaboration wish list…

Tom Ford. We love the edginess in his work. Be it his designs or ad campaigns or the work that he's done for Gucci. It stands out in a crowd!

At Boulevard One 

Expect our signature collection. We love the mix of fabrics and embroidery techniques so you'll be seeing a lot of that.

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Endorsed by the Dubai Design and Fashion Council, FFWD prepares to host the most diverse portfolio of brands to date at the bespoke location d3 in Dubai Design District (d3). The latest installment of the twice-annual event will show a total of 31 designers, with 5 labels making their FFWD debut this season

“We are pleased to extend our support to Fashion Forward. Now in its eighth season, Fashion Forward has established itself as an important platform to celebrate creativity and fashion, and to showcase the work of our designers from the region. The event continues to gain momentum each season and we look forward to witnessing the breadth of talent on display during this edition."
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Saira and Shakira have created a niche for themselves with wearable yet distinctive collections. They are heading to Dubai for the Boulevard One show. Saira Faisal and Shakira Usman launched their label primarily because no one was designing the kind of clothes that they wanted to sport – unique yet wearable, trendy yet with a touch of tradition and unusual yet versatile. Over the last few years, the duo, known for their slimming silhouettes, detailing and texturing an outfit with a mix and match of fabrics and embroideries, have succeeded in creating a space for themselves in the Pakistan fashion scene. They will be showcasing their collection at the Boulevard One show. The friends-turned-partners in a short, snappy fashion chat…